Do, a 12 year-old teenager, is living in an orphanage run by her parents. Ill-at-ease in this environment as well as in her body, she discharges her frustrations against another orphan whom she thinks is the cause of her misfortune.

Only point of light for Do in this grim environment is Yona, a teenage boy whom she follows to the swimming pool to watch his diving training.


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Maret 2023 125’ Feature Film
Brain Is Cool 2019 26’ Documentary
Barrage 2017 112’ Feature Film
Verwëschte Grenzen 2015 26’ Documentary
Double Saut 2011 16’ Short film
Senteurs 2008 15’ Short film
De pommes 2005 7’ Short film
The long way 2004 5’ Short film
myP0602 2002 4’ Short film