After his mother dies, 11-year old Jeff grows up with his father on a camping site next to the ruin of a castle they own.

Jeff is a rather lonely boy and it is only during the summer holidays that his real friends, Killer, Leo and Julia, come to stay at the camping site with their parents.

When one day a mystical woman shows up at the castle, the four friends come to suspect that the lost treasure of the mermaid Melusina might not just be a legend. They embark on an adventurous treasure hunt that will take them through forests, caves and catacombs, back to the past and beyond.


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Maret 2023 125’ Feature Film
Brain Is Cool 2019 26’ Documentary
Barrage 2017 112’ Feature Film
Verwëschte Grenzen 2015 26’ Documentary
Double Saut 2011 16’ Short film
Senteurs 2008 15’ Short film
De pommes 2005 7’ Short film
The long way 2004 5’ Short film
myP0602 2002 4’ Short film