In 2007, vibraphone player and composer Pascal Schumacher and filmmaker Laura Schroeder get together with the idea of creating a show that revisits the world of famous French director and actor Jacques Tati.

The result is a transdisciplinary show that combines different media on stage. Live music, theatre and moving images projected on a screen come together, plunging the audience into a contemporary Tati-esque world.

While Tony De Maeyer embodies a character derived directly from Monsieur Hulot’s nephew Gérard (from “Mon Oncle”), now grown-up, the story itself was entirely reinvented by Laura Schroeder. The original score was written by Pascal Schumacher.

After its success in Luxembourg, the show travels to the Festival d’Avignon in France where it runs for a full month.


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Das Ding aus dem Meer 2016 Théâtres de la Ville, Luxembourg’
Luxtime – Jacques Tati revisited 2009 Théâtre National du Luxembourg’